Go fast, take chances.

R. Colin Kennedy

creator, bicycle lover, and tinkerer



Got the will? Let's find a way.


It’s been my good fortune to find a career spanning connected consumer electronics, cloud computing, consumer & enterprise software, and even a little Architecture. I had the honor of helping Founders at MIT get off the ground as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Check out LinkedIn if you're interested in more of my work story.

Leading teams that build technology products has become my specialty, focused in two main areas:



  • Uncover the right customers and map key product experiences
  • Set vision and define product story and requirements
  • Align flexible roadmaps at the product and family level


  • Build scalable product frameworks and strategies
  • Grow and guide high-performing internal and external teams from concept & design through go to market

Today, my time is spent exploring the future of digital storage at Upthere (recently acquired by Western Digital).


Play to win.


Play is a mindset, an approach that permeates everything I do.

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They're so precious, it's rare you'll see anything about them online. Our family is core to everything I do, and I believe in keeping them close and keeping it private.



While work is my vocation, bicycles are my avocation. From exploring the world on two wheels as a kid, to growing up working in bike shops and riding with friends, to training and racing - bicycles are a thread connecting every era of my life.



There's always something going on in the background. Coming from a family of artists and creators, at a young age I was encouraged to explore and create.


Say hi, I'm friendly.

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